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According to a studies by Hootsuite, Social Media and content marketing are essential part of your SEO strategy for your Search Engine ranking.  Below, find six key tactics for incorporating SEO techniques in your Social Media.

  1. Frame your social media marketing in terms of keywords

Keywords is the foundation of SEO. Think about the content that interest your followers by seeking feedback. Think and research the specific keyword and keyword phrases your target audience are actually searching social networks.

“Word Tracker” free online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic.

  1. Align social media and SEO keywords

Cross-check that list of social keywords against your SEO keywords. Leverage the resulting duplicate keywords across all your marketing channels.  For example:

  • Your Facebook “about” section
  • You LinkedIn Description
  • Instagram Headlines, etc.

The more you use these keywords and keyword phrases, the more you strengthen your reach.

  1. Integrate social media deeply into your website

It goes without saying that social sharing tools should be enmeshed in your site architecture. Reference this checklist to ensure you’re hitting your visitors (tactfully) at every social angle possible, thereby strengthening your SEO in tandem:

  • Add social media profile icons to your homepage.
  • Add social media sharing buttons to individual blog posts.
  • Add social media sharing buttons to your e-newsletters.
  • Add customized social media widgets to page sidebars.
  • Include links on each of your social media profiles to your other social profiles.
  • Add comment functionality
  1. Capture attention on social media on current HOT Topics

In order to keep ahead of and not fall behind on the hot topics of discussion of your industry, check into tools like TrendSpottr (which integrates with HootSuite) and Trendsmap. These tools follow what topics are trending, allowing you to chime in with your own relevant content.

  1. Leverage your blog as an SEO and social media driver

What better resource for link-building than your website’s blog? Highly valuable, rich content is the #1 most effective SEO strategy. Utilize your blog to soar your search engine rankings and your social media reach by doing the following:

  • Post a original, authoritative blog.  Employ SEO practices such as keywords.
  • Promote the blog on different media channels such as Facebook, Twitter.  Promote it early and often.
  • Ensure any links you push out via social media send users to the preferred landing pages per your SEO strategy.
  • Create relevant internal links within every blog post you publish.
  • Make sure site visitors can navigate easily between your blog and main site, from any page.
  • Use your blog to build relationships with other industry blogs, creating SEO-relevant link opportunities.
  1. Measure success and adjust using metrics

In order to track how well these strategies are performing, measure the quality and volume of traffic.  This can be done through Google Analytics.  Check out our Guide on Google Analytics for more details.

Use these methods to help you link your way to likes and positive engagements!

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