Attract Customers
  1. Great 1st Impression
  2. Clear on What you do and Who is your client
  3. List of Pain Points
  4. Benefits or Results
  5. What’s Unique
  6. Build Trust/Credibility
  7. Clear CTA – Call to Action

Let’s explore each of these further:

  1. Make a Great First Impression

When you 1st meet someone, within minutes you are forming an opinion of that person.  Online it’s seconds. Within seconds people will decide if they will stay or go to a different website, the competitors, so first impression is everything

  • Is your site uncluttered and professional?
  • Mobile responsive – will it look and perform great in laptop, table and mobile devices
  • Speed of loading
  1. Who is your Client?


For example, a Health and Wellness Coach, who are you ideal clients?

  • Busy executives that want a healthy lifestyle and balance?
  • Busy mom’s looking for health and balance
  • Older clients looking to alleviate pain and be healthy?
  1. List of Pain Points

Need to be identify the pain points – what are your clients struggles


For Example as a health coach your clients pain points might be:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Weight issues
  • Energy and endurance
  • Health issues
  1. Benefits or Results

How can working with you solve those specific pain points?

What are the specific benefits of working with you?

Continuing with the health coach example :

  • More energy and endurance
  • More peace and balance
  • Pain-free or less pain
  • Able to do fun activities
  • More focus
  • Healthy weight
  1. What’s Unique

Tell you ideal customer what is unique about you and your methods that sets you apart.

Stand out from the Crowd

    1. Build Trust and Credibility

      Show them visually through photos, testimonials, videos, visual stories, etc. (Read “How to ask for Testimonials.”)

  1. Clear CTA = Call to Action

Giving your website visitors all this information only gets you so far.  You must have a clear, very visible CTA (Call to Action).  Show them how to take that next step with you.  That action could be:

  • Call you
  • Book a consultation
  • Get a quote
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Like/share


Offer example

Let’s Recap:

  1. Great 1st Impression
  2. Clear on Who is your ideal client
  3. List of Pain Points
  4. Benefits or Results – introduce yourself and your benefits to client throughout website
  5. What’s Unique – Cull your portfolio to make sure to showcase only best images and work that reflects your ideal client
  6. Clear CTA – Call to Action – call, reach out, subscribe, like/share, book a consultation…

Analyze your current website.  Is it time for you to hire a professional?  Book a free consolation now!

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