With the COVID-19 drastically affecting us, it’s a challenge to stay positive.  Let’s take a challenge to share ideas on how to cope with this crisis.


One way to cope, enable a positive mindset each day,  is to list all the things you are grateful for.

Start your day on a positive note thinking about all the things to be grateful for.  For example:  food, clothes, spouse, friends, pets, family, a home, health, to be able to walk, talk, see, hear, have electricity and running water, abundance of music to listen to on itunes and thru Pandora website, for all the happy memories/moments.  This is just a few of the things just to give you an idea. 

Whenever you are feeling the blues, focus on how full your glass really is not how the glass half empty.

Love to hear other ideas on how to cope with this crisis from you.  Wishing you all to stay healthy and safe. 

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