Landing page

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

Landing page is any page where the user started his or her journey around your site, in other words, where a user “lands” on the website.

Why is a landing page needed?

Landing pages are a quick, efficient way to go directly to information, product or service you are searching for on a website.  Creating a well-thought-out landing page is really vital to strengthen marketing strategy and increase conversion rates.

Analysts say a landing page is in most cases much more efficient than the home page when it takes the visitor directly to the area on website they’re interested and called to action.

What is conversion and why is it important?

Conversion means that your page transforms passive users into active. They don’t just observe.  Example of uses of landing pages:

  • moving to direct use of a product
  • subscription
  • downloading an app or a file
  • starting free/discounted trial use of a product
  • transition to the other page
  • providing some information
  • answering the question in the survey
  • browsing a library
  • reading a more detailed description of the product or service etc.

Worry about doubling your conversion rate more than doubling your traffic.

What does a landing page consist of?

It doesn’t matter what size is the page, how many parts it includes, or how many visual elements, the most important thing for any page is that it should provide VALUE.

In general, typical landing pages often have a  basic description of the benefits and noticeable opportunity to actively pursue this information via a CTA (call to action) element which can be presented with a button, link, contact form, subscription field, etc.

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