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Mike, The Bagpiper of Lowcountry, is a bagpiper who had been active on Gigsalad and now wanted to expand his reach to grow his business. He came to Soar Web Media to create a website for him that would market his talents.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to develop a website that marketed The Bagpiper of Lowcountry UNIQUE, strong attributes to promote his brand and business. We set about really getting to know our client, listening to his stories of previous gigs and reading past testimonials to uncover what sets him apart from his competition and showcase that.

Our Approach

From our perspective, it was important to highlight the many excellent reviews and large array of tunes the Bagpiper of Lowcountry is able to play.   We also highlighted how this personable, very skilled bagpiper goes the extra mile with quick response to inquiries, helpful suggestions and making each event memorable.

We designed the color scheme around Mike -Lowcountry Bagpiper's kilt.  We included photos throughout showcasing Bagpiper of Lowcountry performing.

The Result

The Bagpiper of Lowcountry now has a responsive (mobile to laptop friendly) website that markets his best features which helped him to progress to the TOP bagpiper in South Carolina.


"Being a bagpiper, I decided I could stay busy, (and make a few dollars) playing weddings and funerals in the State of South Carolina.

So, how does a 65-year-old bagpiper get the word out to the public?

The answer is: Contact Sharon Sauro at Soar Web Media.

I lived most of my life in the “B.C. era” (Before Computers) so I have very little knowledge about using the web and social media to promote a business. However, I soon learned that Sharon does know the intricate workings of the mighty web.

We met and I told her what I was looking for and she patiently listened to my inability to talk “computerezze”. From that point on, Sharon talked plain English to me without using computer Buzz Words.

Her outstanding ability to listen to my needs and pull out what was needed from our conversations resulted in my website being up and running in a very short time.

I am thrilled by the site and I’m so grateful to Sharon for her professional skills, but even more so for her caring and understanding."

Mike- The Bagpiper of Lowcountry

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