Smooth Experience

Our goal for each project is to create a simple and smooth user experience.

Responsive Design

Is your website compatible with iOS and Android devices?  Is website mobile friendly?

Does it display correctly on all screen sizes?

We can develop a responsive website that looks great to every customer on different devices whether it’s mobile, tablet or laptop.


Responsive Web Design

Improve Traffic By Improving Design

Businesses can lose significant traffic simply by having an unresponsive website. If functionality is not established, each user may encounter different hurdles in using your website to its full advantage; resulting in poor conversion rates. Our Charleston team design responsive and functional pages on your website, providing the best experience to each user.


Driving a lot of traffic to a website is great, but without an effective conversion strategy, it does not equal increased sales. We are able to incorporate proven conversion optimization strategies. We turn your increased traffic into increased sales.

Our experience in web development leads to an overall excellently executed, flowing website for your business.

 For instance:

  • Menus and other lists are maintained
  • Information will be displayed in the correct hierarchy, allowing users to find what they are looking for
  • Images will scale as appropriate, thereby eliminating tedious resizing
  • Consistent look and functionality from page to page on website
Wordpress Web Developing by Soar Web Design

WordPress Developer

  • We provide our clientele with the latest in WordPress technology, best practices, robust themes, plugins, and training.
  • Creating fast loading WordPress sites with customized themes for your business and vision. 
  • Developing  easy to use website administration that allows our clients to make changes to their content by themselves.
  • Constantly looking for the newest techniques and best way to solve our client’s problems. 
  • If you need to soar to the next level with your website, reach out to us.