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Do you ever wonder why websites break? A website is like a car.  If a car is not maintained, it will most likely break down costing time and money to fix it. A well-maintained car has less issues.

With websites, the constant enhancements of plugins, applications, browsers, software, etc.  – updates are important. Neglecting correct maintenance can cause bugs, broken links, and error messages, among other unexpected issues. 

Keep your website in optimal shape with a monthly web maintenance plan.

Here are 5 important reasons to pick one up:

    1. Cost Savings. Calling your marketing-web-design agency 5-10 times per month for website changes and repairs can really add up in fees. Avoid this by maintaining your site on a monthly basis.Maintenance Cost Savings
    2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google LOVES fresh content and updates so much that they will increase your search ranking. Web maintenance helps Google determine if your website is relevant, while old content means lower rankings.Google Search
    3. Brand Booster. Your website is the most widely viewed reflection of your business. It’s important that your site is not only professionally designed (and updated), but also free of broken links, errors or dead pages. 
    4. Customer Interest. Changing and updating your website keeps existing customers interested, as well capturing the attention of new potential clients
    5. Time Saver.  It’s easy as a business, to let website maintenance fall through the cracks.  Changing and updating your website yourself can be confusing.  Being on a website maintenance plan takes away the hassle and frees you up to concentrate on other important areas of your business.

Investing on website maintenance is beneficial for your business website performance.  Find out about our different maintenance plans that will fit your needs.

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